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Old 07-10-2020, 01:49 AM
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Default Possibly unanswered questions about FETs

My 10 new FETs arrived from China! They even came in their own social-distancing packaging
More soldering fun to be had when I can find the time... (don't worry I've fiddled with FETs on one of the cars to get it working again, so not intimidated by their size)

I have some questions though since I have a pack of 10. Are these FETs more powerful than the standard Gen1 ones? ie. if I didn't stack them, and just straight replaced 2 old FETs for 2 new ones, would they make the car a bit faster than normal?

As I'll soon have 3 chassis... 2 standard cars that work, and 1 that doesn't because the original FETs blew.
So I could stack 2 cars (one of the working ones, and the broken one) 2x2 with the new Fets, and just keep one working car on the normal FETs.
Or could I stack a working and not working car 2x2 = 8 of the new FETs, and put the last 2 new FETs ontop of the old working FETs of the other car; or would that just be a disaster waiting to happen?

One more Q: Can anyone share a pic of how I'd need to cut the heatsink for the stacked FETs please?

Thanks team!

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Old 12-16-2020, 09:49 AM
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old post you probably figured it out by now but stacking fets doesnt require heat tubing

the old fets you should remove incase of fire

stack away bro just make sure there is no bridged legs on there and youll be ok.
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