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Old 01-12-2005, 12:51 PM
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Default Guidelines for getting the maximum help on this forum

These are not rules. The suggestions outlined here are merely for your benefit. If you follow these guidelines, you will more likely receive an answer to your question and gain respect in the community as well...

The number one thing you need to consider is GRAMMAR and SPELLING. If you can't make complete sentences and spell simple words, no one can read your post, understand your question, or offer help to fix your problem! Now, that being said, let's go over the basics of posting...

There are 3 main parts to a post, and I'll cover each of them separately -

Subject: What are you asking? Are you asking in the right forum (read the forum description to make sure)? Can you put a few words here to describe your problem or question? I've seen numerous posts get skipped over and unanswered simply because the poster did not clearly state what the post was about. Please avoid one word subjects like "help", "can I", or "hey". More appropriate subjects could be more effectively worded with subject lines like "upgraded motor not working", "car won't steer, please help", "how do I extend the range of my xmod?".

Message Body: This is the part of the message where you should describe what the problem or question is IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. Please avoid just simply asking something like "why is my motor not working?". Until you give more information than the fact that your motor isn't working, no one can assess the problem you're having and offer advice or assistance. A better example of a motor problem question would be "My car was working fine with a stage 1 motor. I upgraded to a stage 2 and now my car will steer, but the motor doesn't spin. I left the batteries in the car while changing the motor and I smelled smoke at some point during the installation of the new motor. What seems to be the problem?". You will get more help faster if you describe your problem in as much detail as possible.

Signature: Sigs are who we are, but there is a fine line between "cool" and "unacceptable". Please refrain from using sigs with profanity or other blatent CRAP. Please remember that this is a family forum and a lot of people get offended by your futile attempts at being "cool" or "macho". It's annoying and will not be tolerated.

Overall temperament: Be nice! No one wants to help profane people , rude people, or people with publicly unacceptable manners. Lay off the cursing and name-calling! Take that CRAP somewhere else...

OK, to recap:

1. Make your subject line a summary of what you're asking and make sure you're posting in the proper forum.
2. Make your message body describe in detail what information you're needing.
3. Signatures are a reflection of who you are. Does yours say "juvenile delinquent"?
4. No one wants to hear you shoot your mouth off in a stream of profanity because you have a personal problem with another person on this board. It's off topic and WILL GET YOU BANNED...
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Old 01-12-2005, 04:05 PM
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^------He and I will both be enforcing these rules.
Just say no to giant sigs.
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