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Alright, so here are some pictures of ho the car is sitting now. I apologize for not taking more of the wiring process, so here goes and explanation. I picked this board and servo up for pretty cheap and decided to give it a go instead of using the rv projects board which I thought was messed up(but turns out it was the radio, and yall will see it again in an upcoming build).
So, I wired the stock xmods gen 1 servo into the losi servo plug retaining the 3.3kohm resistors on the potentiometer(second pic) wires. That was the major deal and tehn I just wired the motor to the correct ports and semi-mounted the board on top of the chassis. Then, to my surprise, the civic body fit over the chassis and the board, so it has a new home now.
What I found out more than anything is that the transmitter that you choose can make or break the car. The Blazer Sport radio from above lead me to believe that the RV board was bad, but it worked perfectly when I tried it last night with a kyosho mini z 27mhz radio. I then proceeded to try it with this losi board(which I had lost almost lost hope on) and it's working AWESOME!!! ...of course except for the range issue(5-7 ft and like 2 ft with the body on), but as a drifter I am up close with the car anyway and by not hard-wiring the servo to the board, I can still swap it out if it just gets too bad.
Right now, the car has awd, stage 2, the aluminum front axle and swingshafts, and mini z drift tires on xmod rims. Take my word that it can hold an angle.

Thanks And Let Me Know What Yall Think!
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