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Originally Posted by jabari View Post
Good looking truck.
Thanks, mate!

Originally Posted by guitarboy911 View Post
-Well the performance impact and its bad for the Mamba set-up its not getting what it needs and craves.(lol the word sounded good)

-The ESC is what is impacted not as much the motor (i believe)
-good choice w/ all the aluminum.
Castle actually recomends using a NiMH setup as opposed to a Litihum-Chemistry setup; at least that's how I read it in my instruction manual. And, at times I see that it wants to have that little extra "oomph" that Lithium would provide, but I see no use for it because that speed is far to great for this little machine. I see enough power band with just NiMH.


Thanks, it does need some shimming with the front differential; however. Rear is flawless in my horrible opinion.

Originally Posted by xmodracer1 View Post
Lol, same here, she says I have too many. She is both right and wrong. How do you like the motor? I was thinking about getting one if I get a RC18MT. Got any videos? How does it run speed wise compared to your Stampede, it is BL right? Sorry for soo many questions.
First: I wub' questions.
Second: No videos.
Third: Beats the living daylights out of the Stampede. :lmao: Stampede is brushed, however. 1:10th brushless from Castle isn't my favorite, and I can't afford to go with a Novak. Nor a Spektrum or FM radio to power that intense amount of brushless power. AM can't handle most setups in the Stampede when it comes to brushless.
Last: I love the motor. Fast as all get'out.
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