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Originally Posted by bondo View Post
yes you can.
you fix stupid with B1G's avatar........

for the topic at hand...
there's no need for a single thread like this when there's a whole section dedicated for it.
Xmods FAQ
for the uninformed, the acronym F.A.Q stands for "frequently asked questions" wich is what this "uber thread" would be right?
if people would simply learn how to effectively use a forum then **** near anything they could ever want to know(basics) is in there already.
LOL at the avatar, but on a serious note i fall into the category of the lazy noob that ask the questions that could be answered with some research, but i ask the seasoned members because most of them are nice and are willing to help with either a simple answer or a link leading me to a simple answer.
P.S. I like to be spoon fed .

Originally Posted by garder121 View Post
not so secret anymore but this is so sexy i'm gonna mix spanish and english together muy=very + sexy=sexy = smexy *very sexy* but i love the version more than the stock it just looks so nice idk how to explain myself.
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