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Originally Posted by mycrors4 on 7/23/13
got in my order from hobbyking

motor is like 5200 or 5300kv

mounted up with 1 motor screw for testing purposes. ill be going to my lhs to get some 2mm bullet's for the esc so i can plug everything up. i also need to find a balance plug adapter. the losi one is weird.

if nothing blows up tomorrow, ill have a running car

and today's update

good news. nothing blew up!
i soldered on 2mm bullets for the esc. and also soldered on the tiny white connectors for the battery since i had them laying around. made a deans adapter for my charger
pinion came undone on the first run.. literally, the first 2 seconds LOL ill use stronger super glue next time, but it had to come off anyways for a the new motor mount
but i did give it throttle and whatnot. nothing seems to be getting unusually hot yet

i have ordered a new full aluminum motor mount because i stripped mine out from the bottom. should be coming in tomorrow or the day after. i will wait until then to take it apart. along with the motor mount is the adapter for the balance plug on the lipos.

for now.. 1 picture
will wire it up all nice and neat once everything is running the way i like

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