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Originally Posted by xmodracer1 View Post
Well I also found out that the Sportwerks Chaos is on sale for only $69.99 when they retail for $199.99! That may be my next nitro 'specially since a guy who works at my LHS has 3. And a Mini Inferno ST 09 is on sale for $199.99 when they retail for $399.99
The chaos is not a bad vehicle but i had problems with the diffs in them the motor was great though diffs are all plastic.

Originally Posted by badass_savage View Post
only problem with those cheap nitros is the engines, the cheaper the less they last.
From what i have seen and had the motor is usually one of the best things on a off brand everything else sucks on them and is hard to find parts.

And for that ofna that is one heck of a deal for a ofna,if i did not have to many now i would think about getting one
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