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TheB1GDude 02-14-2010 12:06 AM

XMS General Reminder:- Power Members
Hi all,

Recently I posted the following thread introducing the concept of Power Members, these are members whose forum participation has impressed the moderating staff and have been rewarded with a few extra forum permissions, the purpose of the Power Member group is to act on behalf of the moderating team to ensure that things run smoothly when we are not available.

The current power members are:


and whilst we are still finalizing exactly what permissions they will have I would like to ask that everyone takes note of these names and listens to these members if they point out that you are doing something wrong, please remember that they are doing it on our behalf not just playing moderator.

If you have any questions or problems with this please let me.

The Power Members group isn't an open enrollment group however if you would be interested please PM me and we will review your activity to see if you would be a good fit for the group.


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