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Kot 03-30-2012 12:43 AM

Kot's XMODS Customs
I realized I need some kind of archive to go through my projects.
From now on I'll be posting my projects here (for XMODS bodies).
For the Mini-Z projects, click here -> Mini-z Projects

Another start to my list of projects!
Thanks FloydfanYodaman for the two black R34s!


I've got three r34s, each going to probably be under the knife.
The first is going to be a JGTC R34. Long road ahead. Another will be a new ER34, because the last one is now obsolete :(. The last one might become a
simple Z-Tune R34, but time will tell. The first two will see a blade though. :)

Enjoy! Much more to come.

XMDrifter 04-04-2012 12:41 AM

i'm likin' the progress. keep it up bro.

GrtOutdoors 04-04-2012 04:12 AM

+1, can't wait to see where this goes :)

Kot 08-18-2012 09:22 PM

Did ya miss me? Probably not.
Lost so much motivation after getting accepted to my dream school. Only recently got into the swing of things, so lets get started!

I finally bought myself a huge pack of styrene from the school, different thickness, and styrene cement for a very cheap price, and decided to go on a more styrene-based foundation than a putty foundation.

JGTC R34 right fender 1 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 right fender 2 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 right fender 3 by kdeeela, on Flickr

Got working on both front fenders. Still scratchbuilding a lot, but the basic look is getting there. Ride height is always an issue for me, but I'm going to sort it out.

JGTC R34 Both Fenders 1 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 Both Fenders 2 by kdeeela, on Flickr

More to come, I promise!

XMDrifter 08-22-2012 11:47 AM

this is really good looking. how's the fender to tire clearance?

Kot 08-23-2012 12:28 AM

Thanks! @XMDrifter, the clearance is as seen on photo three of the latest post. i just added a piece of styrene to edge off the fender, but i also didnt raise it up as it should be. photo three is how the ride height will be, and the tire will look flush with the fender but still have lots of maneuverability. it's just a matter of how rounded off i need to make the front part of the fender, as the rear part has plenty of clearance.

Pics to come early next week! Hectic days coming up, including a car show to check out :)

XMDrifter 08-24-2012 05:47 PM

i believe the fenders could do well to be sliiightly wider. that way you have no rub risk. but ****, if the bodywork doesnt look sick. cant wait to see the new pics. i just got back into xmods, with my discovery of a scion TC and NIB tc BK from atomicmods' cleaning out stock. lucky me.

Kot 08-29-2012 12:12 AM

@XMDrifter, the fenders are actually wide enough. Comparing with mini-z AWD offset, it already fits a +2 wide just perfectly tucked, +2.5 makes it flush. It's the same as my widebody altezza.

As promised, here's an update (though small).

I remember seeing on another modelling forum that someone was using lego to keep things in place, like a jig. So I went ahead and did that myself. Just a tad of plastic cement secured the body onto the lego.
JGTC R34 Jig by kdeeela, on Flickr

Other than that, all I really did was make a front splitter and secure it onto the jig and body.

JGTC R34 Splitter 1 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 Splitter 2 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 Splitter 3 by kdeeela, on Flickr

Also started on a second R34 body, making another ER34 (since I literally trashed the last one and gave up entirely). I guess you can already see that in the first photo, but I'll get more in depth when more work arises. :)

C&C Welcome!

pieisgude 08-29-2012 10:28 AM

Looks like a very sick build, keep it up! I love me some R34s!!

Kot 08-31-2012 12:34 PM

Someone commented that I was turning a skyline to an nsx, in a more seemingly condescending manner. Don't demean my work.

Ditched the lego jig after I balanced the front splitter.
Started on evening the wheel well heights, and forming the right side fender and front bumper.

JGTC R34 Front 8.31 1 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 Front 8.31 2 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 Front 8.31 3 by kdeeela, on Flickr
JGTC R34 Front 8.31 4 by kdeeela, on Flickr

I'm not sure whether I'm actually going to go beginning season or mid-season 2003 model.
The beginning season has curved off fenders (which I havent made), but a smooth front bumper.
The mid-season has pointier fenders, different rear fenders, and canards on the front bumper.

...hell, maybe i'll make copies. :)

C&C welcome!

proxmodder 08-31-2012 01:09 PM

Is that styrene?

FloydfanYodaman 08-31-2012 10:45 PM

man...those first few pics always get me at first...but i know you will make something sick in the end

really enjoying all the progress pics and looking forward to more...

good luck with the build ;)

Kot 09-04-2012 01:42 AM

proxmodder, yes it is styrene.
thanks john! :D

More work, this time I rounded off the wheel wells, and put more detail and styrene on the front bumper. Coming along slow, but very well. I'm excited!

R34 front bumper 1 by kdeeela, on Flickr
R34 front bumper 2 by kdeeela, on Flickr
R34 front bumper 3 by kdeeela, on Flickr
R34 front bumper 4 by kdeeela, on Flickr

and as of 5 minutes ago from this post:
R34 Front by kdeeela, on Flickr


proxmodder 09-04-2012 11:18 PM

Where do you get it? Do you use bondo? Are you supergluing pieces together?

taiwanesekid05 09-06-2012 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by proxmodder (Post 272408)
Where do you get it? Do you use bondo? Are you supergluing pieces together?

You can find styrene at most hobby stores, online, and maybe at an Ace Hardware (I found some at an Ace once). Looks like he's using 'plastic weld' which basically melts and fuses plastic bits together but superglue helps keep things together as well.

Kot 02-26-2013 11:47 PM

Can a mod change the title to "Kot's XMODS Customs" :)

I started on the new ER34 sedan with bondo. Since most of these are shelf queens / drifters, bondo is fine (I use it sparingly).

I've decided to stray away from an URAS bodykit and go for something more subtle:

I also decided to trim a bit of the R33 and make it into a sedan with a 98mm wheelbase.


kookieboi 02-27-2013 05:06 PM

Can't wait to see how the sedan comes along. I will be following

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