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zippo855 05-06-2010 11:14 PM

Multiple users under one IP Address
well having multiple accounts is of course against forum rules, as it is with a lot of forums. lately we have came across many members with multiple usernames sharing the same ip address. and before handing out bans for this we are giving you a chance to come clean. if you have multiple accounts let me know and why. if you created more than one account for yourself that should earn you a perma ban. but pm me and let me know the name and why you did and i'll delete the second account.
we have sent a few of you pms already about this issue, and i have a list more of people that need pmd about it. so instead of pming you on correcting your problems, own up and pm me.
if you have siblings that have created accounts in the same household, we need proof that it really is two people. i.e. picture of both of you holding a piece of paper with each of your usernames on them. remember i.p. addreses are unique, and are assigned to your computer by you internet service provider. so any shared i.p.s mean that they came from the same house, with a few exceptions that we are already aware of that can cause same ips.
and these are active members so responding to this shouldnt be a problem.
you have til monday to pm me on this and i ban the accounts involved until we get proof and get it sorted otherwise.
XMS admin

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