View Full Version : 3rd Brakelight Mod Tutorial

06-04-2007, 08:01 PM
I decided to teach you guys how to make the 3rd brakelight mod for the people who want an added "realism" to their truck. some might already know how to make this, but for you people who don't, here. This tut is close to the adding lights tut (which i have no idea where it is) I've done this once before, so... yeah. Add you comments to what i should change with this tutorial. This is my first tut... so... yeah...

You will need:
-Command Logic Lights
-An extra LED (zip zaps SE or one from the Command Logic Lights)
-A Truck Body of your choice
-Electric Tape
-Dremel or something to cut the plastic (like a hobby knife)
-Phlilips Screwdriver

-Soldering Iron
-Extra Wire

If you want to take an LED from a Zip Zaps SE:
-Soldering Iron
-Small Screwdriver

If you're going to take out the LED from a Zip Zaps SE, here are the steps:

1) You will need to remove the plastic that is holding down the LED, this is where the Small Screwdriver comes in handy


Remove all four sides and you should end up with something like this:


2) Next, you need to desolder the wires that connect to the Electronic Board. Use the soldering iron and lightly pull on the LED until the LED and wires come off the Board.


This is what you should have as the end result:


You might want to add some wire so farther into the mod it will be easier. Don't forget to strip some of the wire protector for later use.

Now, if you already have an extra Command Logic Lights, just cut off as much wire as you can so you can have the longest legnth of wire and LED. DOT NOT remove all the wire so the LED has no wire left. Don't forget to strip some of the wire protector for later use.

Now, let's start with the assembly.

1) Remove the Rear Clip and it's holder from it's body so you have the most room to work with.


2) Detach the Board for the Command Logic Lights from the body.


3) Carfully (that's why i have bandaids on my fingers) cut a hole in the body to where the LED will go. DO NOT cut through the lights.


You should end up with this:


4) Cut the LED and wire from the whole set like this:


5) Plug in the Command Logic Light into the chasis and see which way the Zip Zap LED will connect to the whole thing.


6) Once you have found out which ways the wires go, twist together the wires for the LEDS but DO NOT SOLDER YET!!!


7) Twist together the LEDs to the Command Logic Set. Although it is not needed, you can solder together the wires for additional stregnth.


8) Cover both of the twisted wire with Electrical tape to prevent shortaging.


9) Insert to two Original LEDs into the body.


10) Place the LED as far inwards to the hole you made earlier and tape the LED down.


11) Reattach everything (rear clip holder and Command logic light board) back onto the body. Plug the Command Logic Light back into the body and enjoy :D