View Full Version : XMOD Body Tutorials

  1. How To Mount Model Bodies On Evo Chasis!
  2. split hood
  3. How to mount Gen1 bodies on an EVO chassis
  4. Lowering your XMODS Body
  5. How to Cut Out Your Grill and add Fog Lights
  6. RED's Broken Antenna Exhaust!
  7. Super Scoop Blower
  8. SPLIT HOOD-4 modes!
  9. 3rd Brakelight Mod Tutorial
  10. How to make small scale BUNGY CORDS
  11. Trailer hitch tutorial
  12. How to add bubble like paint to your body..
  13. Making a hole in your Xmod, made easy.
  14. Making Small-Scale Hi-Lift Jacks
  15. Waxing your body.
  16. Fusing/Joining Bodykit Pieces!
  17. Tralier Mod
  18. Snow Plow F150
  19. Suicide's Method for Body Lifting