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  1. The Repair Manual
  2. Gen 1 Tight Turns Mod (3.3K ohms resistors)
  3. Easy way to make a trailer hitch.
  4. saving yourself from the PIT
  5. All members very important
  6. rasied spolier
  7. 6th/4th Cell Loop Plug
  8. How To Make 2008 Gtr Fit Proper!
  9. How to make intercooler for xmods/models
  10. Easy-to-make Super Swampers (Big Tires)
  11. lego model body mounting 56k warning
  12. How to: working supercharger
  13. How To: Rear Articulation Modification.(Evo Trucks)
  14. Extending your truck chassis for longer bodies
  15. How to lift body for muscle Cars
  16. Making a new front clip
  17. How to put oversized tires on the (easy way)
  18. Widening the Stance of your car.
  19. titan/h2 body raise
  20. Fully Working Exhaust
  21. Simple wiring diagram. (Evo.)
  22. XXX TuT's: 7 - imod (Zmod w/ iwaver board)
  23. Get more than 2X more travel
  24. reaper crawler motor TUT
  25. Spray Paint Tutorial
  26. Strip chrome paint easy!
  27. how to lift your truck easily, 100% undo-able, cheap and cool
  28. how to lower your xmods car
  29. cheap way to make drift tires
  30. "Counter-Steer" Drift mod
  31. Evo/street front suspension camber mod
  32. Xmod evo/street Extended wheel stud mod